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William H Upton Memorial Ceremony

  This remarkable man was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington State in 1898 who first recognized Prince Hall Masonry. The Grand Lodge of Washington StatePublishes this: Brother Upton was made a Mason in Blue Mountain Lodge No. 13 in Walla Walla, becoming its Master in 1892. […]

The Lost Empire

RUN IN FULL SCREEN There is a hot new book out here on the Prince Hall scene, “THE LOST EMPIRE, Black Freemasonry In The Old West (1867-1906) by Brother James R. Morgan III. This book tells the history of African American Freemasonry in the Old West as seen through the lens of Captain William D. […]

The Empty Chair Degree in Freemasonry

The Empty or Vacant Chair ceremony is thought to date to 1875, a decade after the close of the American Civil War, when it was used in Masonic lodges throughout the nation to remember those who did not return from war.