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The Lost Empire

RUN IN FULL SCREEN There is a hot new book out here on the Prince Hall scene, “THE LOST EMPIRE, Black Freemasonry In The Old West (1867-1906) by Brother James R. Morgan III. This book tells the history of African American Freemasonry in the Old West as seen through the lens of Captain William D. […]

The Empty Chair Degree in Freemasonry

The Empty or Vacant Chair ceremony is thought to date to 1875, a decade after the close of the American Civil War, when it was used in Masonic lodges throughout the nation to remember those who did not return from war.

Brother Hando Nahkur Plays Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Just released on You Tube talented friend and Masonic Brother Hando Nahkur’s concert that the Beehive went to. You might remember this previous article about him on the Beehive. Brother Nahkur has a new concert December 10, 2013 at Caruth Auditorium, SMU, Dallas, Texas at 5:00 PM.

Freemasonry Charged With Conspiracy To Harm Children

At first I thought that the article was going to be complimentary. Oh it had the usual mischaracterizations of Freemasonry from those who are outside rather than inside the fraternity. But it began after the introductory “gobbledy goop” to explain in some pretty good detail the workings of the Masonic Child Identification Program or ChIP, […]

Whence came the Moral Law in Freemasonry?

Without a doubt at the foundation of Masonry is the idea of the Moral Law.  Anderson uses the phrase in his Constitution in 1723 without any explanation of what exactly he means in his phrasing of it.  And, increasingly, it is being used as a de facto totem of decision making in violation litigation and […]

Redefinition of the Ancient Landmarks of the Order, 1939.

The topic comes from a link picked up in a message board on the ever swirling definition of Regularity between Masonic bodies. Setting aside the idea of Territorial Exclusivity prevalent in the U.S., the message board linked to an interesting inclusion to a Wikipedia entry on the European question of recognition and the 11 defined […]

Cordoba House – Religious Expression or gross insult?

Surly by now you have heard about the proposal to construct an Islamic Mosque and cultural center near to the Ground Zero site in New York City. The proposal has passed a litany of hurdles already, and garnered the approval of both Mayor Michael Bloomburg and President Obama. Yet, many still have strong emotions and […]

Ol’ Leroy McKrank and the Council of the Knights of the Royal Arch

A couple of decades back, Ol’ Leroy McKrank decided to join the York Rite. Now this was the only other body of Masonry that Ol’ Leroy had ever joined, mainly because he refused to fork over the cash required to join any additional bodies. But at the time, each York Rite body’s dues were only […]

The Empty Chair Degree

I was pleased when Brother Robert Jackson of Montgomery Lodge, Milford, MA answered my query about their performance of the “Empty Chair Degree”as you can see in the video above. Brother Jackson wrote: Typically we run this as an ‘Open House.’  After the Memorial Day parade in town, we open the doors and invite the […]

Bryce Launches New Book, “How to Run a Nonprofit”

BRYCE ON NEW “HOW TO” BOOK – It doesn’t require rocket science. Click for AUDIO VERSION. To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or Podcast, send TIM a request. PALM HARBOR, FL (August 9, 2019) – Author and freelance writer Tim Bryce of Tampa Bay is pleased to announce the publication of his newest […]

Calling All Masons. Help Me Write A Charge

The Best One-Two Punch In Modern Times   I have, in my position as an old Past Master, mentored a Brother through the Degrees for the first time in a long time. And as his raising is imminent, I wanted to “send him off” with a good new charge. I love doing charges and have […]