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First Masonic Tat-2008

MasonSmart.com - 23.01.2020
Designed this with the help of Firehouse Tattoo in St Robert, Mo..


After you learn the truth about Masonic lodge secrets, you may wish to explore becoming a Freemason.

Jan 15, HOW TO BECOME A FREE MASON - Joining the Masonic fraternity.

How do you become a Free Mason? What does it entail to join the Freemason fraternity?

Jan 14, MASONIC SIGNET RING - A Sign of Freemason Authenticity

What is the secret significance of a Masonic signet ring to the man who wears it?

Jan 14, MASONIC QUIZ - Test your Masonic knowledge!

Take a Masonic quiz and test your knowledge of Freemasonry!


Step-by-Step duties of the Masonic Funeral Committee

Jan 13, POINT WITHIN A CIRCLE - An Ancient Symbol

What is the significance of the Point Within A Circle in Freemasonry?

Jan 13, MASTER MASON QUIZ - The 3rd Degree.

Take this Master Mason quiz to test your knowledge of Freemasonry!

Jan 12, WOMEN FREEMASONS - Parallel Ritual

Are there Women Freemasons? Find out more about Freemason women's lodges and Co-Masonry.

Jan 11, ANNO LUCIS - Is Its Meaning a Masonic Secret?

What does the term Anno Lucis mean within Freemasonry? Is it one of the Freemason's secrets?

Jan 9, MASONIC CALENDAR - Why Do Freemason Degrees Use Different Calendars?

Why is a different Masonic Calendar used within Freemasonry's different degrees?

Jan 8, MASONIC WIFE? Are You Curious About Freemasonry?

The Masonic Wife E-Book answers your questions about Freemasonry

Jan 8, MASONIC CLIP ART - Huge Masonic Graphics Selection

List of free Masonic Clip Art Websites to save you time searching for high resolution Masonic symbols, emblems, and graphics in .tif, .gif and .jpg formats.

Jan 8, FREEMASONS - A Fraternal Brotherhood of Builders

What do Freemasons do? It's not a Masonic secret.

Jan 8, WORLD GRAND LODGES - Masonic-Lodge-of-Education.com

Find World Grand Lodges and their contact information from this list.

Jan 6, MASONIC SYMBOLS - Are Freemasonry's Symbols Good or Evil?

Masonic Symbols - Learn what they mean to Freemasons.

Looking for the parents of a mason

MasonSmart.com - 30.12.2019
Is there anyway to gain access into a past ancestors mason information? We can’t find who his parents are and we think the information might be in the

William H Upton Memorial Ceremony

Freemason Information - 29.12.2019
  This remarkable man was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington State in 1898 who first recognized Prince Hall Masonry. The Grand Lodge of Washington StatePublishes this: Brother Upton was made a Mason in Blue Mountain Lodge No. 13 in Walla Walla, becoming its Master in 1892. […]

Dec 23, WHAT IS FREEMASONRY? The Fraternal Gem of Brotherhood

What is Freemasonry? It is a mirror of the true self reflected in the facets of the stone.

Dec 23, MASONIC JEWELRY - Explanation of the symbols and emblems

Which types of Masonic jewelry do members of different Masonic organizations wear?
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