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Learn what the Anchor and the Ark mean to Freemasons.

Dec 23, ACACIA - A Masonic symbol of the soul's immortality.

Acacia...the wood with which God commanded Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant.

Dec 23, ANTIQUE MASONIC JEWELRY - Antique Masonic rings, pendants, fobs & pins

Antique Masonic jewelry- Some of these are over 100+ years old.

Is it true that freemasons have strippers in their meetings at times?

MasonSmart.com - 21.12.2019
I have read that wives are just a prop to show that they are honorable, but shriners actually have a prostitution service while their away, masons have

How do you become a Mason and what is it really? I have a friend who says he is a traveling man, I asked how to become one but he couldn't speak really.

MasonSmart.com - 16.12.2019
I was inquiring on how to become a Mason and it's origin. I read that you have to believe in a higher power which I do. I was just seeking a little knowledge

Suggested stipend for a Masonic funeral?

MasonSmart.com - 12.12.2019
Hello all. My dear friend was a Mason and requested a Masonic funeral. It is going to be held at his lodge (he was cremated). Is there an appropriate donation

The Lost Empire

Freemason Information - 16.11.2019
RUN IN FULL SCREEN There is a hot new book out here on the Prince Hall scene, “THE LOST EMPIRE, Black Freemasonry In The Old West (1867-1906) by Brother James R. Morgan III. This book tells the history of African American Freemasonry in the Old West as seen through the lens of Captain William D. […]

How to date Masons?

MasonSmart.com - 03.11.2019
Hi! I am Mexican but I was married to an American Mason Man. Now I am a widow. I would like to know and date American or German Mason Men. How can I do

10 ani

Templul Masonic - 02.11.2019
Dragii mei Frați, Primul verset din «Psalmul 133» al lui David spune: “Iată ce bine şi ce plăcut este când fraţii locuiesc împreună în armonie!”… un scurt, dar frumos poem profetic ce preamăreşte bucuria curată a unirii frăţeşti, inspirând generații la rând. Poate zugrăvi chiar atmosfera luminoasă din sânul acestei Respectabile Loji, unde noi ne adunăm cu exactitate şi constanţă pentru aTubal Cainhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/04709040681655690532noreply@blogger.com0http://templulmasonic.blogspot.com/2019/11/10-ani.html

The Empty Chair Degree in Freemasonry

Freemason Information - 12.10.2019
The Empty or Vacant Chair ceremony is thought to date to 1875, a decade after the close of the American Civil War, when it was used in Masonic lodges throughout the nation to remember those who did not return from war.
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