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In Freemasonry we endeavor to dispel the darkness and reveal the Light within.
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What's the mason relationship/ dating rules

My boyfriend I and started dating in 2018 he had a,stroke about 2 months into us getting to know each other...i stepped in as if we had been together

Records from 1932 Wisconsin?

Hi, My husband's great grandfather was in the masonic lodge in Antigo, Wisconsin best as I can figure. The funeral according to the obituary in 1932 said

Freemason jewelry emblems

Among a box of watches and Masonic jewelry was this short chain ending in a small gold fist holding the chain handle of of small gold purse. Not sure if

How about Thank You!!

I'm a female, 56 and my daddy was a 32 degree mason. He passed away in 2010. I have been to many masonic funerals in my life. They are the most humbling,

Dispose of fez?

How to dispose of fez properly


Can a granddaughter of a Master Mason (He's deceased) become a Eastern star?

Does being a relative mean anything ?

My grandfather was. 33rd generation freemason . I don't know anything really about that area if his life. Hin and I were very close and my whole life.