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In Freemasonry we endeavor to dispel the darkness and reveal the Light within.
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Looking for the parents of a mason

Is there anyway to gain access into a past ancestors mason information? We can’t find who his parents are and we think the information might be in the

Is it true that freemasons have strippers in their meetings at times?

I have read that wives are just a prop to show that they are honorable, but shriners actually have a prostitution service while their away, masons have

How do you become a Mason and what is it really? I have a friend who says he is a traveling man, I asked how to become one but he couldn't speak really.

I was inquiring on how to become a Mason and it's origin. I read that you have to believe in a higher power which I do. I was just seeking a little knowledge

Suggested stipend for a Masonic funeral?

Hello all. My dear friend was a Mason and requested a Masonic funeral. It is going to be held at his lodge (he was cremated). Is there an appropriate donation

How to date Masons?

Hi! I am Mexican but I was married to an American Mason Man. Now I am a widow. I would like to know and date American or German Mason Men. How can I do