Rosslyn Chapel

Capela Rosslyn

Rosslyn Chapel is unique and famed world wide for the beauty of its carvings and for the aura of mystery and magic that surrounds it.

Built in 1446 by William St. Clair, third and the last Prince of Orkney, Rosslyn Chapel conforms neither to contemporary architecture nor to any fashion. Rich in ornament, its exact place in the creation of mankind still remain difficult to estimate. The carvings themselves, including the famous "Apprentice Pillar", are endless in variety and full of symbolism. Many of the Biblical stories and portrayed, and there are frequent references for those interested in the Knights Templar and Freemasonry, equally there are Pagan symbols and Rosslyn Chapel has the largest number of "Green Men" found in any Medieval building. There are also carvings pf plants from New World which pre-date the discovery of the land by Columbus by one hundred years. There is no doubt that Rosslyn Chapel has a place in history, not just of Scotland, but the wider world.

Rosslyn Chapel stands on the edge of the steeply wooded Esk Valley. The narrow rocky gorge below with its fast flowing water gives Rosslyn its name. The richly wooded Rosslyn Glen offers pleasant walks and magnificent views of Rosslyn Castle. The Chapel has been a place of pilgrimage over the centuries and has much to delight, intrigue and inspire today's visitors.

The Chapel is used for weekly services, can be booked for weddings and is a venue for Musical Evenings. Rosslyn Chapel is the only Medieval Scottish Episcopal Church.